The Artist Collective

a story in sight & sound

Angelic Star Entertainment (ASE) engages, inspires, entertains and supports the arts and artists of every medium. 


We celebrate the unique position the pursuit of creative expression holds in this world. 

To that end, ASE has embarked on a bold initiative in gathering artists to develop projects within its Artist Collective.


From musicals, to plays, to screenplays and documentaries, music production and vocal arrangements, public speaking and dance, esports projects and video editing......for that work of art that needs to be expressed....for the idea that must be implemented, The Artist Collective embraces and nurtures the process in a safe space.

We envision readings, scripts moving from page to streaming online, that idea of a documentary researched and created, works of art pulled from the closet into an exhibition....the script that has been set aside to being realized as a fully staged production, the exciting edited video notifying gamers that new game is ready and live.


The Artist Collective knows that empowering the independent artist remains the focus because in a world of streamlining due to cost effective budget cuts, we know that supporting the arts is what matters.


Feel free to reach out to us and assess if we can be of service to you in bringing your idea to fruition.


New York, NY


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